Intermediate Programs
Intermediate Programs

Intermediate Programs

Level 1 Intermediate

Day 1Opening principles and strategy
Day 2Fundamental concepts of tactics
Day 3Basic endgames you should know
Day 4Using the initiative
Day 5Forcing moves
Day 6Space and attack
Day 7Threats and temptations
Day 8Introduction to strategy in the middlegame

Level 2 Intermediate

Day 1How to study openings
Day 2Strategical ideas in the opening
Day 3Key squares in king and pawn endgames
Day 4Transformation of advantages
Day 5Signals and candidate moves
Day 6Pawn structures
Day 7Using the force
Day 8Strategical ideas on defending

Level 3 Intermediate

Day 1Opening recipes
Day 2Tactical attacking techniques
Day 3Complicated tactics – what to calculate
Day 4Knight versus bishop in endgames with pawns
Day 5Strategy behind minor piece trades
Day 6Introduction to practical rook and pawn endgames
Day 7Theoretical rook and pawn endgames
Day 8Domination in endgames

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