Expert Programs
Expert Programs

Expert Programs

Level 1 Expert

Day 1Reviewing tactics and strategical concepts
Day 2French Defence, Caro Kann, Scandinavian and Alekhine.
Understanding the main ideas and pawn structures.
Day 31. e4, e5 openings. Ruy Lopez and Italian. Some gambits.
Day 4Sicilian Defence, Pirc and Benoni.
Understanding the main ideas and pawn structures.
Day 5Mastering king and pawn endgames.
Day 6Mastering rook and pawn endgames.

Level 2 Expert

Day 1Exercises for better calculation and visualization.
Day 2A simple repertoire against e4 based on the Scandinavian Defence.
Lines and key concepts.
Day 3A simple repertoire against d4 based on the Benoni/KID.
Lines and key concepts.
Day 4Fighting against a pawn.
Queen vs pawn. Rook vs pawn. Knight vs pawn.
Day 5Reviewing theoretical rook endgames.
Day 6Bishop vs knight endgames.

Level 3 Expert and Beyond

Day 1Analyzing games. Tools and techniques.
Day 2Mastering tactics. Tools and techniques to keep improving.
Day 3Mastering pawn races.
Day 4Fortresses.
Day 5Technique in (not so) simple winning endgames.
Day 6Managing complexity in the middlegame.
What to do and when to do it.
Day 7Psychology of the competition. Managing the “external” elements:
clock, preparation, play style, tournament situation, …
Day 8Psychology and techniques when facing much stronger opponents.

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