Beginner Programs
Beginner Programs

Beginner Programs

Intro to Chess

Day 1The board and the pieces. Parts of the board.
Movement of the pieces. Value of the pieces.
Day 2The rules of the game. Check and checkmate.
Special rules: castling and en passant.
Day 3Basic checkmates: K+Q vs K, K + 2R vs K
Day 4Basic tactics: forks, skewers and pins.
Day 5Ways to draw a game (agreement, threefold repetition, 50 move rule, stalemate).
Crazy rooks and queens.
Day 6How to read and write chess notation. How to use a chess clock.


Day 1Parts of a game. Goals of them.
Day 2Opening traps. Common mistakes.
Day 3What is a sacrifice. Examples.
Day 4What is a gambit. Examples.
Day 5Introduction to endgames. Rule of the square and opposition.
Day 6Introduction to chess variants.

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